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War films are not always showing the war per se - often the main theme is the influence of the conflict on lives of people involved, but also their families and friends. War is seldom a local thing - the trauma, the pain, the death they put their mark on people from around the world.

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Desert films in war films

Sahara 1943 war film

Sahara 1943

Crew of American M3 Lee tank is stuck in the oasis in the middle of Sahara, while whole German battalion is on the way desperate for water.

Kajaki: The True Story 2014 war film

Kajaki: The True Story 2014

In 2006 patrol of British infantry soldiers walk into an unknown minefield in the middle of Afghan desert. Their commander tries to rescue them, but this only escalates the situation.

The Four Feathers 2002 war film

The Four Feathers 2002

Young officer makes a decision to give up his military career for woman he loves, but this makes him lose everything he had - fiance, respect of his friends and family.

Days of Glory 2006 war film

Days of Glory 2006

Four Algerians join the Free French army, but while risking their lives in Italy and Southern France they learn the colonial soldiers are just used as cannon fodder.

Courage Under Fire 1996 war film

Courage Under Fire 1996

Gulf War veteran, tormented by his experiences, is chosen to conduct an investigation in case of death of Captain Walden, Medevac helicopter pilot, who is considered to be the first woman to receive Medal of Honor.

Charlie Wilsonís War 2007 war film

Charlie Wilsonís War 2007

Texas representative Charlie Wilson gets involved in supporting mujahideen warriors fighting Soviet Union in their homeland, Afghanistan.

The Patrol 2013 war film

The Patrol 2013

British unit on patrol through the Taliban territory in Afghanistan. The soldiers would more than happy to just return to base, but their commander is determined to fulfill the mission.

Jarhead 2005 war film

Jarhead 2005

US Marines prepare for the Operation Desert Storm, but still there are no orders to attack, so they have to find the way to deal with their worst enemy - boredom.

Invader 2012 war film

Invader 2012

Spanish column of vehicles is ambushed in Iraq. Two soldiers, who survived the explosion have to find a safe place to hide.

Arn - The Knight Templar 2007 war film

Arn - The Knight Templar 2007

Arn Magnusson, expelled from his homeland, joins the Templar knights to help protecting Jerusalem from Muslim army.

Three Kings 1999 war film

Three Kings 1999

Soon after Gulf War a map hidden in strange place leads four American soldiers to a bunker full of gold. Grabbing it is easy, the hard part is to return...

El Alamein - the Line of Fire 2002 war film

El Alamein - the Line of Fire 2002

Young Italian student joins the army. His naive look on war soon fades away when he clashes with the brutal reality of the war.

Kill Rommel 1969 war film

Kill Rommel 1969

American officer Lieutenant Morris is assigned to British daring raid behind enemy lines with General Rommel as their target.

In The Army Now 1994 war film

In The Army Now 1994

After losing their jobs two not very bright Americans decide to join the army reserve. What sounded like a perfect plan to earn some easy money turned out have a small flaw when war breaks out in Africa.

How I Won the War 1967 war film

How I Won the War 1967

Anti-war film about inept Lieutenant Goodbody put in charge of vital mission for the army - building a good cricket field in North Africa.

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