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War films are not always showing the war per se - often the main theme is the influence of the conflict on lives of people involved, but also their families and friends. War is seldom a local thing - the trauma, the pain, the death they put their mark on people from around the world.

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Infantry films in war films

Saving Private Ryan 1998 war film

Saving Private Ryan 1998

During the Allied landing in Normandy in June 1944 small group of soldiers is chosen to find the last of four Ryan brothers and bring him safely home.

Red Rowan 1970 war film

Red Rowan 1970

Polish forces attack the port city of Kolobrzeg, but it turns out Germans are well prepared for the defence with bunkers, tanks and artillery.

Zulu Dawn 1979 war film

Zulu Dawn 1979

British forces invade Zululand in 1879 and advance towards Isandlwana, place of one of the biggest defeats of British in colonies.

Gladiator 2000 war film

Gladiator 2000

Based partly on the true events, fate of the Roman general Maximus, whose streak of victories was interrupted by the political intrigue, in which Maximus loses his family and becomes a gladiator.

Windtalkers 2002 war film

Windtalkers 2002

True story of American Navajo Indians, who played important part in Pacific campaign of coded communication between units - their unique language was perfect way to encode messages.

Sahara 1943 war film

Sahara 1943

Crew of American M3 Lee tank is stuck in the oasis in the middle of Sahara, while whole German battalion is on the way desperate for water.

71: Into the Fire 2010 war film

71: Into the Fire 2010

Unit of 71 student-soldiers, which was euphemism for group of teenagers with no military training, were put in strategic point to hold the North Korean offensive.

1864 2014 war film

1864 2014

Peter and Laust, two brothers from small Danish village, join the army on the eve of Second Schleswig War, but it will take the personal matters to break them apart.

The Four Feathers 2002 war film

The Four Feathers 2002

Young officer makes a decision to give up his military career for woman he loves, but this makes him lose everything he had - fiance, respect of his friends and family.

Where Eagles Dare 1968 war film

Where Eagles Dare 1968

During the Second World War, special group must acquire the castle Schloss Adler, a fortress high in the Alps of southern Bavaria.

K & K deserters 1986 war film

K & K deserters 1986

The film tells the story of the end of World War I in the company in the Hungarian town where the Pole kite with the Hungarian Benedek and Jewish tailor from Vienna, Haber plan to desertion. But before escape they’re planning to ridicule the hated commander. It is a cult Polish comedy with an excellent game actors, great music and lyrics that fall into the memory.

A Midnight Clear 1992 war film

A Midnight Clear 1992

Adaptation of William Wharton novel - platoon of American soldiers are sent to secluded area in days before Battle of the Bulge, but what they find there is far from what they expected.

Days of Glory 2006 war film

Days of Glory 2006

Four Algerians join the Free French army, but while risking their lives in Italy and Southern France they learn the colonial soldiers are just used as cannon fodder.

War of the Arrows 2011 war film

War of the Arrows 2011

Ja-in, great hunter and master of archery, has to face Chinese soldiers that kidnapped his sister.

The Dirty Dozen 1967 war film

The Dirty Dozen 1967

American soldiers convicted of serious crimes are given chance to avoid spending their lives in prison if they take part in suicidal mission behind enemy lines.

The Bridge 1969 war film

The Bridge 1969

Yugoslavian partisans are preparing to attack the strategic bridge located high in the mountains. Reach it will be difficult, but blowing it up seems impossible.

Westerplatte 1967 war film

Westerplatte 1967

In 1939, at the beginning of World War II, Polish garrison at Westerplatte defended heroically against the onslaught of the German land and naval forces for 7 days.

The Patrol 2013 war film

The Patrol 2013

British unit on patrol through the Taliban territory in Afghanistan. The soldiers would more than happy to just return to base, but their commander is determined to fulfill the mission.

The Warlords 2007 war film

The Warlords 2007

During Taiping Rebellion in 19th century three leaders of warband become blood brothers and swear to look for each other, but during the war their pact will be put to a deadly test.

Ready, Steady, Ommm! 2013 war film

Ready, Steady, Ommm! 2013

Young yoga instruction, Alex, has to choose between being pacifist and joining the basic military training in order to find a home for his pregnant fiancee.

Troy 2004 war film

Troy 2004

The events that lead to most famous war in Greek mythology - the Trojan War. Queen Helena of Sparta leaves his husband and escapes to Troy.

Jarhead 2005 war film

Jarhead 2005

US Marines prepare for the Operation Desert Storm, but still there are no orders to attack, so they have to find the way to deal with their worst enemy - boredom.

Invader 2012 war film

Invader 2012

Spanish column of vehicles is ambushed in Iraq. Two soldiers, who survived the explosion have to find a safe place to hide.

Demons of War 1996 war film

Demons of War 1996

Polish IFOR unit sets out to rescue soldiers from helicopter crashed in the mountains of former Yugoslavia, but end up fighting with local militia.

Battle of Warsaw 1920 2011 war film

Battle of Warsaw 1920 2011

Soviet Union plans to spread communism throughout Europe beginning with Germany, but their army has to cross Poland first. What happens next is known as the Miracle at Vistula River.

The Flowers of War 2011 war film

The Flowers of War 2011

In 1937, during the Nanking Massacre, American mortician is trapped in the city surrounded by Japanese army. Involuntary he becomes a guardian of group of teenage schoolgirls.

Bat 21 1988 war film

Bat 21 1988

The film is about the struggle for survival in Vietnam Lieutenant Colonel Hambleton (Gene Hackman) who is an expert in the field of electronic warfare but the first time he found himself in the middle of the hell of war.

Arn - The Knight Templar 2007 war film

Arn - The Knight Templar 2007

Arn Magnusson, expelled from his homeland, joins the Templar knights to help protecting Jerusalem from Muslim army.

Sands of Iwo Jima 1949 war film

Sands of Iwo Jima 1949

Sergeant Stryker leads his Marines platoon with iron hand, for which his men frankly hate him, but during the battles he is a leader they need.

Attila 2001 war film

Attila 2001

Young Attila learns how to fight and how to lead his people. He will make use of that knowledge when he become the most powerful king of Europe.

Tangerines 2013 war film

Tangerines 2013

Two older Estonians get involved in helping wounded soldiers during War in Abkhazia, which will be a lesson of life for all of them.

The Last Samurai 2003 war film

The Last Samurai 2003

Captain Algren, veteran of American Indian Wars, is given chance of new start - he is offered a job in Japan as instructor on modern warfare.

A Hill in Korea 1956 war film

A Hill in Korea 1956

During Korean War platoon of British infantry gets trapped on a top of a hill surrounded by Chinese army. Their only option is to fight to the last man.

What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? 1966 war film

What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? 1966

During Allied invasion of Sicily American unit arrives to a village of Valerno, where Italian captain doesn’t have problem with surrendering his forces, but he puts one condition...

El Alamein - the Line of Fire 2002 war film

El Alamein - the Line of Fire 2002

Young Italian student joins the army. His naive look on war soon fades away when he clashes with the brutal reality of the war.

The Eagle Has Landed 1976 war film

The Eagle Has Landed 1976

The film tells the story of the shares of German soldiers in the UK, the aim of which was to kidnap or eliminate Winston Churchill.

R-Point 2004 war film

R-Point 2004

Lieutenant Choi Tae-in is given the task of reascuing missing platoon in area codenamed R-Point. When his men reach the R-Point strange things begin to happen.

Hitler: The Rise of Evil 2003 war film

Hitler: The Rise of Evil 2003

Young Austrian Adolf Hitler turns his anger and humiliation from German capitulation during World War I into political power that will change the world.

Tigerland 2000 war film

Tigerland 2000

In 1971 new recruits arrive to a training camp in Louisians just before being sent to active service in Vietnam, but the atmosphere among the rectuits is far from patriotic eagerness.

The Bunker 2001 war film

The Bunker 2001

Six men that survived the ambush now try to find the refuge in isolated bunker. Inside they find two frightened soldiers and doors that lead to underground tunnels.

Hart’s War 2002 war film

Hart’s War 2002

The film is about the judicial process in a POW camp during World War II. Preserver is recently arrived William Hurt, who is embroiled in a difficult game.

Passchendaele 2008 war film

Passchendaele 2008

Canadian sergeant diagnosed with shell shock has to rejoin active service to protect younger brother of the woman he loves.

Behind Enemy Lines 2001 war film

Behind Enemy Lines 2001

American plane is shot down over Yugoslavia during the war. Pilot is killed by Serbian soldiers, while navigator has to survive in area filled with enemies.

Stalingrad 2013 war film

Stalingrad 2013

Soviet recon platoon pushes towards one of the ruined building near Stalingrad main square to setup observation point. When they reach the destination it turns out building is full of civilians.

Take the High Ground! 1953 war film

Take the High Ground! 1953

Two drill sergeants try to prepare their soldiers for everything enemy will throw at them at the battlefield, but their approaches to the same goal are completely different.

Tears of the Sun 2003 war film

Tears of the Sun 2003

During civil war in Nigeria SEAL platoon is sent to infiltrate secluded area of the country to rescue a doctor, who is US citizen.

Now Where Did the Seventh Company Get to? 1973 war film

Now Where Did the Seventh Company Get to? 1973

Three French soldiers find themselves stranded behind enemy lines when during German invasion their unit just disappeared.

Kokoda 2006 war film

Kokoda 2006

Six men are cut off behind enemy lines in the middle of New Guinea jungle. With one of them wounded they have to find a way to return to their unit surrounded by Japanese.

Deathwatch 2002 war film

Deathwatch 2002

During World War I British platoon discovers abandoned German trenches, but what awaits them there is far worst than enemy soldiers.

The Inglorious Bastards 1978 war film

The Inglorious Bastards 1978

Group of deserters are trying to reach the Swiss border to avoid being executed. On the way they stumble upon American officers, who are trying to steal V-2 rocket from Germans.

1939 Battle of Westerplatte 2013 war film

1939 Battle of Westerplatte 2013

In the dawn of World War 2 Polish outpost called Westerplatte is preparing to hold German attack for few hours before they will be reinforced, but the commander of Westerplatte has no doubts that in case of war there will be no reinforcements.

Days of Glory 1944 war film

Days of Glory 1944

Stranded in the woods ballet dancer Nina Ivanova is found the partisans. Despite the initial mistrust the unit commander falls in love with her.

The Alamo 1960 war film

The Alamo 1960

The film tells the story of the Alamo fort defending against the overwhelming forces of Mexicans.

Company of Heroes 2013 war film

Company of Heroes 2013

Squad of American soldiers is cut off behind enemy lines, where they find evidence that Germans are close to building super-bombs that could change the balance of whole war.

Black Brigade 1970 war film

Black Brigade 1970

American brigade consisting of black soldiers is given chance to enter the active service, but their first assignment could be their last.

Red Dawn 2012 2012 war film

Red Dawn 2012 2012

North Koreans invade United States. In small town somewhere in Washington state group of teenagers become guerilla fighters and harass the invaders.

Alexander the Great 1956 war film

Alexander the Great 1956

Alexander, king of Macedonians, sets out to reach the goals his father could not meet - to unite the Greek cities and to bring down their enemy, Persia.

Tropic Thunder 2008 war film

Tropic Thunder 2008

Cast of Hollywood blockbuster is stranded in the jungle - instead of filming Vietnam War memoirs they begin to recreate them...

300: Rise of an Empire 2014 war film

300: Rise of an Empire 2014

Sequel to famous 300, this time presenting events that took place earlier and during the battle of Thermopylae on the other front of Persian invasion.

Starship Troopers 1997 war film

Starship Troopers 1997

Space marines set out on retaliation mission to enemy planet filled with insect-like creatures. The live coverage of the mission soon proves to be a fatal mistake.

Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil 2006 war film

Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil 2006

Convinced that North Korea has nuclear weapons able to attack targets in continental US Pentagon sends squad of Navy SEALs to find and destroy the rockets.

Inglourious Basterds 2009 war film

Inglourious Basterds 2009

Inglorious Basterds operate behind German lines and do what they can to put fear into the Nazi hearts.

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