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War films are not always showing the war per se - often the main theme is the influence of the conflict on lives of people involved, but also their families and friends. War is seldom a local thing - the trauma, the pain, the death they put their mark on people from around the world.

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Reconnaissance films in war films

Red Rowan 1970 war film

Red Rowan 1970

Polish forces attack the port city of Kolobrzeg, but it turns out Germans are well prepared for the defence with bunkers, tanks and artillery.

The Patrol 2013 war film

The Patrol 2013

British unit on patrol through the Taliban territory in Afghanistan. The soldiers would more than happy to just return to base, but their commander is determined to fulfill the mission.

Kill Rommel 1969 war film

Kill Rommel 1969

American officer Lieutenant Morris is assigned to British daring raid behind enemy lines with General Rommel as their target.

Behind Enemy Lines 2001 war film

Behind Enemy Lines 2001

American plane is shot down over Yugoslavia during the war. Pilot is killed by Serbian soldiers, while navigator has to survive in area filled with enemies.

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