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Covert operations takes place when the target of the mission is out of reach for conventional forces or special forces and the only way to reach it is desguise agents so they could operate among civilians or enemy forces. Often the covert actions are aimed to keep the author of attack unknown, which allows countries to remain anonymous.

The Sea Wolves 1980

The Sea Wolves 1980 war film

Where Eagles Dare 1968

Where Eagles Dare 1968 war film

During the Second World War, special group must acquire the castle Schloss Adler, a fortress high in the Alps of southern Bavaria.

Operation Himmler 1979

Operation Himmler 1979 war film

In summer 1939 Hitler was looking for a pretext to start the war with Poland. Head of the Gestapo, Heydrich, come up with a risky plan that could give Nazis that pretext.

Act of Valor 2012

Act of Valor 2012 war film

Red Sky 2014

Red Sky 2014 war film

Charlotte Gray 2001

Charlotte Gray 2001 war film

The Eagle Has Landed 1976

The Eagle Has Landed 1976 war film

The film tells the story of the shares of German soldiers in the UK, the aim of which was to kidnap or eliminate Winston Churchill.

Stake Higher Than Life 1967

Stake Higher Than Life 1967 war film

Polish doppelganger is put in place of Abwehra officer and, while keeping his true identity a secret, work as agent for Soviet intelligence and Polish resistance.

Decision Before Dawn 1951

Decision Before Dawn 1951 war film

German prisoners of war put in front of moral dilemma at the end of World War 2 - join the American intelligence and work for the enemy or risk being killed by Nazi fanatics in POW camp.

Rambo: First Blood Part II 1985

Rambo: First Blood Part II 1985 war film

Former commandos John Rambo is given the chance to be pardoned and at the same time rescue American soldiers still kept in the POW camps in Southeast Asia.

Uncommon Valor 1983

Uncommon Valor 1983 war film

Disgruntled father, tired of waiting for the government to bring back his son kept as prisoner in Vietnam, sets out to deal with it himself.

Eye in the Sky 2015

Eye in the Sky 2015 war film

British operation in Kenya aims to catch leaders of the Al-Shabaab terrorist organization, but at the last moment the character of the mission have to be changed.

Rambo III 1988

Rambo III 1988 war film

Former commandos wants to leave the past behind, but when his mentor and former commander is captured by Soviets, Rambo sets out for Afghanistan to rescue him.

Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil 2006

Behind Enemy Lines 2: Axis of Evil 2006 war film

Convinced that North Korea has nuclear weapons able to attack targets in continental US Pentagon sends squad of Navy SEALs to find and destroy the rockets.

Sniper 2 2002

Sniper 2 2002 war film

Former Marines sniper Thomas Beckett is approached by CIA to be part of ther operation in Serbia - they are trying to kill general responsible for war crimes during Yugoslav Wars.

Sniper 3 2004

Sniper 3 2004 war film

Ex-Marines sniper is sent to Vietnam as part of covert operation to kill high level terrorist. On arrival he discovers he knows his target and it is man, who saved his life in the past.

U-571 2000

U-571 2000 war film

During the Second World War on the Atlantic has been damaged German submarine (U-571) and Americans wanting to take advantage of the situation, they send their disguised as a German submarine to win the Enigma machine, which is the secret of success in Germany.

Aces: Iron Eagle III 1992

Aces: Iron Eagle III 1992 war film

Chappy Sinclair is forced to return from his retirement to avenge death of his old friend, who got involved against his will in drug smuggling.

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War films are not always showing the war per se - often the main theme is the influence of the conflict on lives of people involved, but also their families and friends. War is seldom a local thing - the trauma, the pain, the death they put their mark on people from around the world.

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