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Urban warfare is one of the most deadly kinds of fights during the war - the enemy could be in every room of every building within area.

Band of Brothers 2001

Band of Brothers 2001 war film

True story of American paratroopers from Easy Company 101st Airborne Division and their fate during World War 2 in Europe - from D-Day to the crossing of Rhine they got through the toughest battles of 1944 and 1945.

Saving Private Ryan 1998

Saving Private Ryan 1998 war film

During the Allied landing in Normandy in June 1944 small group of soldiers is chosen to find the last of four Ryan brothers and bring him safely home.

Gods and Generals 2003

Gods and Generals 2003 war film

Red Rowan 1970

Red Rowan 1970 war film

Polish forces attack the port city of Kolobrzeg, but it turns out Germans are well prepared for the defence with bunkers, tanks and artillery.

A Bridge Too Far 1977

A Bridge Too Far 1977 war film

The film tells the story of Operation Market Garden in 1944, aimed at opening the way to Berlin. The action failed, and the film is very realistic.

Fury 2014

Fury 2014 war film

Veteran crew of M4 Sherman, nicknamed Fury, has to face the Nazi defence with completely green new member - young clerk with no experience whatsoever. It will be test for all of them.

Hotel Rwanda 2004

Hotel Rwanda 2004 war film

In 1994 the tensions between Tutsi and Hutu set the streets of Kigali on fire when Hutu militiamen began the cold-blooded cleansing murdering all the Tutsi they could find, no matter if they were adult, children, men or women. Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager, becomes their last hope in that hell on Earth.

Sometimes in April 2005

Sometimes in April 2005 war film

When civil war in Rwanda have begun Augustin Muganza was a soldier of army, but what happened during the 3 months of 1994 changed his life completely.

Karbala 2015

Karbala 2015 war film

Polish soldiers in Iraq are assigned to simple task of guarding city hall, but situation quickly escalates into siege. With limited supplies they have to face a large mob attacking the building using heavy weaponry.

Stalingrad 1993

Stalingrad 1993 war film

71: Into the Fire 2010

71: Into the Fire 2010 war film

Unit of 71 student-soldiers, which was euphemism for group of teenagers with no military training, were put in strategic point to hold the North Korean offensive.

The Horse Soldiers 1959

The Horse Soldiers 1959 war film

Cavalry Colonel John Marlowe, former railway engineer, is given orders to attack a target behind the enemy lines - railway junction at Newton Town, strategic point for Confederates.

Johnny Mad Dog 2008

Johnny Mad Dog 2008 war film

Johnny Mad Dog is one of many child soldiers taking part in civil war in Liberia. He and other children in his outfit, drugged and brainwashed, are spreading death and evil on the civilians as well as the enemies.

Sniper - Weapons of Retaliation 2009

Sniper - Weapons of Retaliation 2009 war film

Assembly 2007

Assembly 2007 war film

Days of Glory 2006

Days of Glory 2006 war film

Four Algerians join the Free French army, but while risking their lives in Italy and Southern France they learn the colonial soldiers are just used as cannon fodder.

Act of Valor 2012

Act of Valor 2012 war film

Spectral 2016

Spectral 2016 war film

American special forces taking part in Moldovan War are faced with the enemy they did not expected - their electronic goggles have recorded ghost-like figures lurking in the devastated city of Chisinau.

The Flowers of War 2011

The Flowers of War 2011 war film

In 1937, during the Nanking Massacre, American mortician is trapped in the city surrounded by Japanese army. Involuntary he becomes a guardian of group of teenage schoolgirls.

What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? 1966

What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? 1966 war film

During Allied invasion of Sicily American unit arrives to a village of Valerno, where Italian captain doesn’t have problem with surrendering his forces, but he puts one condition...

Behind Enemy Lines 2001

Behind Enemy Lines 2001 war film

American plane is shot down over Yugoslavia during the war. Pilot is killed by Serbian soldiers, while navigator has to survive in area filled with enemies.

Stalingrad 2013

Stalingrad 2013 war film

Soviet recon platoon pushes towards one of the ruined building near Stalingrad main square to setup observation point. When they reach the destination it turns out building is full of civilians.

Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines 2014

Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines 2014 war film

During operation in Africa SEAL team has to deal with something they did not planned - rescue mission is turning into chase after Middle East terrorists.

Second in Command 2006

Second in Command 2006 war film

Civil war in Moldavia leaves 50 Americans trapped in the embassy building. The president of the country seeks refuge inside, which puts everyone in danger.

Sniper 2 2002

Sniper 2 2002 war film

Former Marines sniper Thomas Beckett is approached by CIA to be part of ther operation in Serbia - they are trying to kill general responsible for war crimes during Yugoslav Wars.

Sniper 3 2004

Sniper 3 2004 war film

Ex-Marines sniper is sent to Vietnam as part of covert operation to kill high level terrorist. On arrival he discovers he knows his target and it is man, who saved his life in the past.

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War films are not always showing the war per se - often the main theme is the influence of the conflict on lives of people involved, but also their families and friends. War is seldom a local thing - the trauma, the pain, the death they put their mark on people from around the world.

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