An Enemy to Die For 2012 war film review

An Enemy to Die For 2012 war film review

An Enemy to Die For (2012, Sweden)

Original / alternative title: En fiende att dö för

Categories: winter moviesspy movies

Running time: 105 minutes

Language: Swedish / German / English

German scientific expedition to Svalbard is surprised by the news about German invasion on Poland. With British, Swedish and Russian citizens on board it doesn’t take much to start a fire among the crew.

An Enemy to Die For 2012 war film review

German scientific expedition aboard a research vessel reaches arctic archipelago of Svalbard. Friedrich, the leader of the scientific team, is excited that finally they will be able to prove the theory of continental drift, especially since his German colleagues are joined by the experts from Sweden and England. But their first day of research is suddenly interrupted by news from Berlin - German forces have just invaded Poland and it looks like the politics will influence rest of the expedition, especially since among the crew are Russians, who have relatives in Poland. But that is just the tip of the iceberg - soon after Friedrich has to inform his assistant Leni that her brother have just been arrested by Gestapo, also Great Britain have declared war on Germany. While the atmosphere aboard the ship is getting tense it turns out that one of the expedition members was keeping a secret...

Swedish-German co-production in wartime thriller aboard a research vessel that during the night of 1st September 1939 becomes a boiling pot in which colleagues and co-workers suddenly become enemies. While the concept for the film was rather good, several annoying details were overlooked by the creator Peter Dalle, which turned good idea into failing story. One of such details is rather obvious - why would Germans organize the expedition in late August 1939, when it was already decided that there would be invasion on Poland within days? Also there are several Russians aboard and for some reason they have relatives in Poland, which makes no sense. Also the bit about Russian radio operator passing informations to Polish partisans is just ridiculous (in September 1939 the war was still very much on, so where would those partisans come from and where would they get long-range radio station?).

Our rating: 4.8 / 10

Film value: 5 / 10

Realism factor: 3 / 5

Adventure factor: 3 / 5

Historical accuracy factor: 1 / 5

An Enemy to Die For 2012 war film review

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An Enemy to Die For 2012 war film review
An Enemy to Die For 2012 war film review

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