Calm at Sea 2012 war film review

Calm at Sea 2012 war film review

Calm at Sea (2012, France)

Original / alternative title: La mer a l’aube

Categories: POW camp moviesresistance movies

Running time: 90 minutes

Language: French / German

Calm at Sea 2012 war film review

The film is set during World War II, in 1941. In France, the German occupation lasts, struggling with her French Resistance. One day in Nantes, they kill a Wehrmacht officer, commandant of the city Karl Holtz. Hitler demands in retaliation shooting 150 Frenchmen. After negotiations with the occupiers number of people sentenced to death shall be reduced to 50 French prisoners held at the camp in Chateubrient. But should they choose what to do by French gendarmes from the camp. Among the chosen is a 17-year-old Guy Moquet, who offended the Nazis hopping leaflets from the balcony of the Paris cinema. The boy before his execution he writes a farewell letter, which many years later will become in French schools required reading.

It is a war film, which is based on the writings of the German officer and writer Ernst JĂĽnger and farewell list of prisoners sentenced to death. The film is a tribute to the victims of this event, and Guy Moquet became one of the symbols of the French Resistance. The film is a bit dull, much of the discussion shows life in France under German occupation, but compared even with the German occupation in Poland was almost idyll.

Our rating: 5.2 / 10

Film value: 4 / 10

Realism factor: 4 / 5

Adventure factor: 1 / 5

Historical accuracy factor: 4 / 5

Calm at Sea 2012 war film review

Wars and battles depicted in Calm at Sea

World War II

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