Code Name: Emerald 1985 war film review

Code Name: Emerald 1985 war film review

Code Name: Emerald (1985, United States)

Categories: spy movies

Running time: 95 minutes

Language: English

Agent in United Kingdom provides informations that allows Germans to intercept one of the Overlords, high rank officer that has knowledge about upcoming D-Day landings. But now they have to find a way to recover the informations from that Overlord without using their usual methods.

Code Name: Emerald 1985 war film review

Spring 1944, the World War 2 leads to a final showdown - while Allied forces are preparing for the invasion on continental Europe Germans are trying to figure out the location and time of the landing. American citizen Gus Lang, working as German agent in United Kingdom, provides the information about upcoming test landing on a beach somewhere in England. This bit of information is important for one particular reason - Overlords, high rank intelligence officers that have detailed knowledge about invasion, will take part in the test landing. Germans have intercepted Overlord Lieutenant Andy Wheeler and transported to a prison in Paris, where he will be interrogated. From medical records they learn about his heart condition, which rules out any sort of physical torture, so they have to find another way to get to Wheeler’s mind. They decide to bring Gus Lang to Paris and put him in the same prison with Wheeler, where Lang will pretend to be captured American soldier to gain Wheeler’s trust. The plan is almost perfect, with one one exception - Lang is double agent, who works for Allies.

American spy thriller set during World War 2 just before Normandy landing. While the basic idea for the story was quite interesting Code Name: Emerald falls into pieces when you take a hard look at some of the details. Why would Overlords take part in the test landing? How would Germans get access to list of Overlords and their medical records? Why would they bring their best agent in Britain to Paris just for interrogation? And I will be so kind not to mention the scene in which Lang is taking over prisoner, because it was simply embarrassing... Overall a nice little war film in which the creators put some good twists in the story, but failed to take care of the details.

Our rating: 3.6 / 10

Film value: 4 / 10

Realism factor: 2 / 5

Adventure factor: 2 / 5

Historical accuracy factor: 1 / 5

Code Name: Emerald 1985 war film review

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Code Name: Emerald 1985 war film review
Code Name: Emerald 1985 war film review

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