Das Boot 1991 war film review

Das Boot 1991 war film review

Das Boot (1981, Germany)

Categories: bombardment moviessubmarine movies

Running time: 210 minutes

Language: German

Das Boot 1991 war film review

The crew of a German submarine U-96 is assigned to another routine patrol on the Atlantic Ocean. But this time there will be an extra crewmember on board - war correspondent Lieutenant Werner, who will be writing the article about the brave heroes of the Third Reich. Soon after leaving the base crew sinks into dull monotony of everyday duties, which gives Werner the time to get to know the crew. But that knowledge is an eye-opener - the reality is far from his expectations - the officers are not the heroes they are depicted in the media, they are tired and dirty men, who lost all the will to fight for Hitler and the Nazi ideals. But the atmosphere suddenly changes when Allied convoy is detected - they again are hunters full of energy. Soon after the attack they have to avoid the escort ships, which shows the Werner another side in service on submarines - the helpless waiting for the depth charges to hit the submarine and bury them all at the bottom of the sea. But the hard part is just to begin - the captain receives the orders to transfer the ship to Italy, which means going through heavily guarded Strait of Gibraltar.

German war film directed by Wolfgang Petersen, depicting the fate of the crew of a German U-boat during several weeks of their service during World War II. The film is based on the novel by war correspondent Lothar-GŁnther Buchheim, who spent patrol on the U-Boat. It is one of the best war films, with great performances from the cast and the realistic depiction of life in the confined space of the submarine.

Our rating: 8.8 / 10

Film value: 10 / 10

Realism factor: 5 / 5

Adventure factor: 3 / 5

Historical accuracy factor: 4 / 5

Das Boot 1991 war film review

Wars and battles depicted in Das Boot

World War II

Battle of the Atlantic

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full film Das Boot on DVD

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