Shaka Zulu 1986 war film review

Shaka Zulu 1986 war film review

Shaka Zulu (1986, South Africa)

Categories: infantry moviespolitical moviesfantasy movies

Running time: 500 minutes

Language: English

British colonists in South Africa are alerted by growing military might of Zulu king Shaka, who might expand his empire towards their cities. Expedition of ivory merchant reaches the kingdom to learn the truth behind legend of Shaka.

Shaka Zulu 1986 war film review

In early 19th century British colonists in South Africa are worried that growing empire led by Zulu king Shaka will soon expand to their settlements. The legends that surround Shaka and his Zulu warriors keep the Europeans away from Natal, but ivory dealer Lieutenant Farewell decides to explore the region believing to be full of elephants. Their sea journey ends with shipwreck on the coast of Natal, from that point, escorted by Zulu warriors, they march to the village of Shaka. With each step they see how influential the king is and how his empire is almost cult-like organization. When they reach his kraal thousands of warriors and servants are worshipping Shaka as the greatest warrior there ever was, but for Farewell and his companions it’s just a beginning. On the way Doctor Fenn rescued young woman, who was about to be buried, by noticing she is still alive and curing her completely. That event started the rumour among Zulus that Fenn is witch-doctor, something that Farewell will try to use for their advantage. But even the first meeting with Shaka proves that they don’t deal with simple dictator that can be fooled easily and the British have to tread very cautiously to save their lives.

South African miniseries about Shaka, the Zulu king that due to his military skills turned his tribe into vast empire. The series show not only the expedition of Farewell, but also the life story of Shaka himself, who had to overcome many dangers and difficulties to become rightful king. While the production was made with impressive effort and shows the thrilling atmosphere of the first expedition into Natal some of the episodes about Shaka’s past lacked pace and digressed into realms of magic and superstitions.

Our rating: 6.8 / 10

Film value: 6 / 10

Realism factor: 4 / 5

Adventure factor: 3 / 5

Historical accuracy factor: 4 / 5

Shaka Zulu 1986 war film review

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full film Shaka Zulu on DVD
full film Shaka Zulu on DVD

Shaka Zulu 1986 war film review
Shaka Zulu 1986 war film review

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