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Alfa Tau! 1942

Alfa Tau! 1942 war film

Lenin: The Train 1988

Lenin: The Train 1988 war film

In 1917 Germany was in dire situation - fighting on two fronts of World War I while the food supplies were running out. The generals were desperate to find a solution, and they did, but unusual one.

Kill Rommel 1969

Kill Rommel 1969 war film

American officer Lieutenant Morris is assigned to British daring raid behind enemy lines with General Rommel as their target.

El Alamein - the Line of Fire 2002

El Alamein - the Line of Fire 2002 war film

Young Italian student joins the army. His naive look on war soon fades away when he clashes with the brutal reality of the war.

The Desert of the Tartars 1976

The Desert of the Tartars 1976 war film

The Inglorious Bastards 1978

The Inglorious Bastards 1978 war film

Group of deserters are trying to reach the Swiss border to avoid being executed. On the way they stumble upon American officers, who are trying to steal V-2 rocket from Germans.

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War films

War films are not always showing the war per se - often the main theme is the influence of the conflict on lives of people involved, but also their families and friends. War is seldom a local thing - the trauma, the pain, the death they put their mark on people from around the world.

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